Get Ready For PISA

Cognitive assessment and preparatory tests and surveys for PISA-test readiness.

Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2018 was the seventh round of the international assessment since the programme was launched in 2000. Every PISA test assesses students' knowledge and skills in reading, mathematics and science; each assessment focuses on one of these subjects and provides a summary assessment of the other two.

Over ten million students represented by PISA in 2018 in which 15-year-olds living in the 79 high- and middle-income countries that participated in the test.

PISA is broadening the range of outcomes: 2018 - global competency; 2021 - creative thinking; 2024 - learning in digital world.

How PISA-Based Test Platform is important for your education system?

We offer you a Competency-Based Education platform that provides a digital environment for item development and digital delivery of PISA-style preparatory tests to the test-takers for the Programme for International Student Assessment. The system provides an instantaneous feedback on performance. An AI-powered recommendation engine shall alert on progress and areas that require attention.

The platform also addresses a high-quality instructions management, equitable learning opportunity for all users, and an efficient environment that nurtures students' well-being. It also enables efficient resource utilization by continuous supply of skills that fuel the future economic growth and promote social cohesion.'

Quality of schools will feed into economics of tomorrow!

Key Requirements for Competency-Based Systems

  • High Quality Instructions;
  • Aligning Education with Career Aspirations;
  • Nurturing School Life, Student Life, and Student Well-Being;
  • Fostering Growth Mindset;
  • Equitable Learning Opportunity for all.

Alignment with main PISA test

  • Includes a growing item bank on Collaborative Problem Solving, Financial Literacy, Reading, Science and Mathematics
  • PISA Comparability
  • PISA Scale
  • PISA proficiency level distribution
  • Powerful Feedback System
  • Digital Reporting Dashboard


  • High availability
  • Advanced Technology Platform
  • Standards driven
  • WCAG Accessibility Compliant
  • Help desk
  • Data Privacy - GDPR

Why we exist?

The contemporary world faces a radical crisis today.Inequality, poverty, environmental degradation, human rights abuse, global warming, unsustainable resource depletion, illiteracy, lack of access to education, woefully inadequate health care and brutal conflicts continue to plague the world in undiminished ways.Human suffering and ecological damage have reached unprecedented and terrifying levels.This is the world that our children will inherit from us.It is in such times and circumstances that something new must come.

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